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One Product Shopify Store examples

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Intending to completely change the sleep industry,  in April 2014, Casper opened a store with only one item—a mattress. The idea was straightforward: make the nicest mattress you can, sell just one model, get it to you quickly, and give it a 100-day trial period. The first month generated sales of $1 million, proving that it was effective. This company has expanded to 120 workers, raised $70 million in venture funding, and achieved $100 million in cumulative sales within just two years.

This is one of the most well-known instances of a one-product store that is profitable.

Realizing the potential of One Product store, people started concentrating more on client demands and expanding into unexplored specialized markets rather than creating a general store with hundreds of items across all categories. Hence, Shopify stores with just one product are a growing trend in the future.

This blog will discuss the key points of a One Product Shopify store which are the definition, the advantages of having one store and the great examples with best practices for further reference. Let’s explore!

What are One Product Shopify stores and their advantages?

Before we discuss the one-product Shopify store examples, let's first discuss what it is and why it has become so popular.

What is a One Product Shopify store?

what is a one product Shopify store?

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One Product Store run by Shopify that only sells one particular item or service. But occasionally, the term "One Product Shopify store" can also refer to a website that sells a single product in various forms.

Advantages of One Product Shopify stores

Running a one-product Shopify store has numerous advantages that can help you grow your business and maximize your profits. 

High-value Product focusing

One of the main advantages of a one-product Shopify store is that it allows you to focus on developing one high-value product instead of taking difficulty in managing multiple products. Additionally, since the store mainly sells only one product, the customer’s shopping experience is simplified which increases customer satisfaction.

Create an effective Marketing Strategy

Another advantage of a one-product Shopify store is that it enables you to create an effective marketing strategy for your product without having to worry about competing with other products or brand messages. This way, you have more control over how potential customers feel about your products and can identify areas where improvement is needed.

Increase sales

Additionally, it offers an effective strategy for businesses to increase their sales. By limiting the number of products to one, customers are presented with a clear option and limiting confusion reduces buyer's remorse. It also allows the shop owner to focus their time and resources on providing a quality product and offering superior customer service, which may help retain loyal customers. 

Create a powerful branding message

Furthermore, this strategy helps help you create a powerful branding message that focuses on the customer's needs and wants. Creating an easy shopping experience which is tailored to the user’s preferences, increases the chances of converting visitors into paying customers.

Besides, launching a One Product Shopify Store provides an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to focus on the success of one product. This store allows entrepreneurs to run their campaigns in a hyper-specific way, ensuring that you market your product accurately and effectively. 

With a One Product Shopify Store, you can deliver a marketing campaign tailored to your product and target audience. Also, this kind of store provides the ideal setting for testing out fresh concepts and business models without having to worry about managing different product lines or inventories.

Manage business easier

Last but not least, the primary benefit of a One Product Shopify store is that it makes customer service and general operations easier to manage. Instead of juggling multiple products, customers, orders, etc., you only need to lead one product or service. 

This makes it much easier to keep track of inventory, customer service requests, and other related tasks. Additionally, since you’re only dealing with one product or service, you can better focus on perfecting your offering and ensure that it meets all customer needs and expectations.

Must-have components of One product Shopify stores

Even though the One Product Shopify stores have relatively distinct offerings and designs, they all have things in common. Common design aspects include simple, intuitive navigation, a focus on the product, a section on social proof, high-quality photos, succinct descriptions, and an emphasis on benefits over features.

To design your One Product Shopify stores; first, you need to sign up for a Shopify account (only $1/month for the first 3 months). After that, install the Landing Page builder Shopify application to connect all the parts together perfectly.

One Product Shopify Page Builder

Make your Shopify online store professional with EComposer - Landing Page builder.

Best Shopify apps - EComposer landing page builder

EComposer is a Shopify application which can support you in building a nice Shopify store easily and conveniently. You can find a ton of premade layouts, many elements and a powerful live drag-drop editor. Moreover, you can get support 24/7 from enthusiastic support teams. 

One Product Shopify Theme

One key thing you must consider when designing an online store is choosing the right theme for your website. One Product Shopify themes decide how your store will look and feel. Shopify offers you various themes from FREE to PAID. 

You can browse for themes developed by The4 such as Kalles, Gecko, Unsen, Elessi, etc. They are best sellers for eCommerce stores on the Shopify platform.

Top 15 outstanding One Product Shopify store examples

Let’s jump into these successful examples of One Product Store below.

1. Seattle Cider 

One Product Shopify Store examples

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The Seattle Cider website focuses on providing small-batch ciders in five distinct tastes created from locally sourced Washington apples. The declaration that this won't be your normal cider is followed by a full-page graphic of Seattle's natural beauty and a retro-looking logo.

As you navigate, the menu becomes sticky and accessible. The objects in the menu; however, actually denote sections rather than individual pages. This small modification is both fascinating and unexpected. 

The website's most important section, the Ciders section, includes detailed product photography images of the different beverages that visitors can click to view more details.

After the product display and the ingredients are the best portions, which offers the potential customer a great deal of viewing value. The steps the manufacturer takes to make your batch of cider are displayed in this scrolling graphic.

2. Brew Blue Tea

One product Shopify Store templates

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You can understand quickly how this website sells a single product function. The page structure is logically arranged, with lots of white space, concise language, and pertinent photos.

Brew Blue features a few key elements on its homepage and product pages to aid customers in determining whether they want to make a purchase:

  • - Daily products' advantages
  • - Wholesome and great components Pure formulations without fillers.
  • - Good customer feedback
  • - Information on the refund policy: sixty-day returns

Typically, a Shopify store contains five pages minimum: the homepage, the product page, the checkout page, the contact us page, and the shipping and return policy.

Nevertheless, Brew Blue adds a blog page to further website development. You can access a wealth of helpful facts on product ingredients, skincare knowledge, and other topics by clicking on the navigation menu in the top left corner of the page.

3. Kulala land

One Product Shopify Store examples

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Bright colors create an extraordinary effect on the Kulala Land website. Yet backdrops and product graphics aren't the only things that use color. Even the fonts have vibrant colors and an inviting, youthful vibe.

The firm also prominently displays customer testimonials, the founder's biography, and a FAQ area on its homepage to increase product confidence and ultimately inspire visitors to make a purchase.

4. Snooze

One Product Shopify store

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A portable white noise machine is available from Snooz to aid in sleep. Customers who have insomnia and poor sleep quality benefit from it.

The product description is one of the benefits of this one-product store. Also, take a look at the wonderful photographs that were featured on the home page.

See how, to draw visitors, they have also highlighted various forms of social proof on the page.

One Product Shopify store examples

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It comprises user-generated information from various social media sites, reviews from media outlets, and photographs from prior clients.

Talk about the effective use of social proof! They can demonstrate their effectiveness thanks to their excellent ratings.

5. Bokksu

One Product Shopify Store Examples

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The website of the Japanese subscription-based single-product retailer Bokksu does a fantastic job of showcasing its strong brand identity.

The site's header section, hero banner image, product images, text, and CTA buttons all feature the branded color orange. Customers are more likely to remember the brand and the color orange as a result of visual constancy.

Shopify One Product store

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Also, the company's homepage features a little film that explains why it sells experiences rather than just goods. You may learn about, sample, and experience Japanese culture from the comfort of your home by purchasing a subscription to Bokksu.

6. Neos

Shopify one store product

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This Shopify store only sells one item, yet its strong title suggests a solution to an unidentified problem. After reading this, you'll be exposed to the concept of a SmartCam surveillance eco-system, which looks to be the most intelligent way to defend your house.

Green forms quickly draw attention to the crucial parts which you are meant to read because of the design's boldness and use of high-contrast colors. Also, the professional-looking 3D perspective phone mockups with the corresponding app make the design look cutting-edge.

The material of this homepage is likewise properly organized. begins with the solution, then on to a brief discussion of the software and physical goods, and concludes with reviews.

7. PillowPup

Shopify one product store examples

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Those who enjoy beautiful souvenirs and love dogs are PillowPup's target market, and their online business appeals to them.

First of all, PillowPup consists of many adorable photographs of fluffy pals on the website, including the product images and the hero banner.

The company uses emojis, adorable dog symbols, and conversational language to convey the creation process to its target market.

8. PipCorn

Shopify One Product store design

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The product in this example is a variety of snacks made from flavorful heritage seeds. It's a particular design that is so lovely, with high-contrast colors and expertly crafted flat cartoon animation. The hover motion of the products that follow the hero is a wonderful complement to the animations.

The design is so attractive that the reader wants to scroll and continue learning more about the product. As a result, the store offers sections that explain how heritage seeds make the product unique and provide information about how a potential buyer can help a charitable cause simply by making a purchase.

9. State of Kind

Shopify one product store design examples

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A single-product skincare company (State of Kind) uses a minimalist, straightforward website design to reflect its "do more with less" ethos. It is challenging to read but not overpowering because there isn't a lot of text or images.

One product Shopify store

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This store stands out because it dedicates the entire page called "Our Philosophy" to explaining the history of each product. This is a great takeaway for improving your brand's perception and assisting potential customers in better understanding your goods.

10. Death Wish Coffee

One product Shopify store examples

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This Shopify website, which has just one product, relies on a captivating message rather than developing a unique aesthetic. The term Death Wish, the skull and bones emblem, and the name simplify all contribute to the product's main character. It claims to be the strongest coffee in the world.

11. Truff Hot Sauce

Shopify One Product Store Examples

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While there are many different types of hot sauce on the market, Truff distinguishes out with its marketing by presenting a distinct and recognizable look. There is only an attractive product display with a single image, with no showy design or fancy copywriting.

Moreover, quality is crucial. Truff Hot Sauce has several favorable internet reviews that are visible on their Shopify store. You don't have to saturate your consumers with flavors or substances. You can let your current clientele spread the word to their contacts.

Like a few other one-product businesses, Truff began by offering only that. Once they achieved popularity, they started selling a variety of goods.

12. Neck hammock

Example of One Product Shopify Store

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Neck Hammock stated that its device provided consumers with a simple routine to relieve neck and head pain. Also, they didn't just pay attention to influencer marketing. If you go to their official website, you'll see many positive product reviews written by real customers.

Not to mention that their Shopify site, which sells a single product, consistently fulfils orders. Because of how much easier it is to produce in the free size, the business may offer bundle deals that encourage people to purchase even more than they may need. The Neck Hammock is an excellent alternative if you want to give someone a gift from someone who suffers from neck pain.

13. Meow Meow Tweet

One Product Shopify Store

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Artists developed the Meow Meow Tweet pure vegan skincare company. The founders' stunning artwork is used to market goods made with natural components and packaged in environmentally friendly ways. 

Also, they advocate for and support causes that share Meow Meow Tweet's ideals. To save packing, the business also provides a bulk refill service. A well-balanced color scheme of earthy tones is used on the homepage for blog entries.

14. On track

Shopify One Product Store examples

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A complete exercise planner that comes in two colors—Cognac Brown and Grotto Black—is sold on the On Track website.

Anyone can use this comprehensive fitness calendar as a journal to keep track of their daily workouts and routines. On Track offers the chance to preorder the tracker because it may fill up at any time.

The majority of people prefer using mobile applications and other technological devices to track their workouts, but for those who still like the old-fashioned manner, this product will pique their curiosity.

Due to Shopify's hosting of the store, customers may see the progress of their purchases after making a purchase.

15. Hyd Sneaker

One Product Shopify store examples

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Another one-product store that only sells one kind of shoe is called Hyd Sneaker. They have created an entire brand around a special and stylish shoe. 

A complimentary digital book demonstrating the ideal ensembles to go with the product is provided by this retailer. Such a basic marketing technique can significantly increase conversion rates.

The website's colors mirror the colors of the highlighted product, creating sleek and eye-catching branding. Despite not being the manufacturer, the sneaker is promoted under the misconception that "Hyd Sneaker" is.

16. Attipas 

Shopify One Product Store Examples

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An Australian website called Attipas has created a name for itself by selling children's shoes with rubber soles. The shoes are touted as being authorized by Australian podiatrists and are made to resemble walking barefoot. A shoe and sock hybrid, Attipas shoes are available in a wide range of sizes, hues, and patterns. The advantages of the shoes for young children and those learning to walk have been emphasized in the product's marketing.

The Attipas have done a fantastic job at self-promotion on social media. They have appeared in publications and even on television. Its website frequently offers promotional codes and money to new consumers who join their mailing lists.

Best practices for a successful One Product Shopify store

Follow these critical success factors below.

Unique product

A single-product store won't accept a "good" item. You must choose the best alternative. There are the top 5 outlined requirements for a solid product for a single product store, including:

  • - Difficult to locate 
  • - Hard to estimate the price
  • - Captivating enough to draw in customers
  • - Acquirable without research 
  • - Reasonably priced

Trustworthy Social Proof

Customers admit to reading reviews before making a purchase which is social proof. This statistic demonstrates how essential social proof is for any online company, especially those that only sell one product. 

Customers will feel more confident making purchases from your store if the product has received positive feedback from prior customers demonstrating that it is nice and safe to buy.

Outstanding product description

Given that you just have one product to highlight, you need to give serious consideration to creating compelling copy for your website. How your product functions, what features it has, and why customers adore it; Your audience should be able to quickly comprehend all of this information. 

First of all, remember that, contrary to what you may imagine, your potential buyers are not as interested in the features and technical specifications of your product. They want to know how it will relieve their major problems and what benefits they may expect. You must therefore emphasize the advantages of each feature.

Second, cease employing terms that have no purpose. The impact of adjectives like "world-class," "market-leading," and "innovation" has diminished significantly due to their overuse. Contrarily, your credibility is increased by facts and data. Include numbers whenever possible, but write them as digits rather than words (seven), since numerals prevent eyes from straying.

Excellent visual

When you just sell one product on your website, you effectively have one chance to grab customers' attention and convince them to make a buy. Are you aware that users create opinions about a website in under 50 milliseconds

Thus, you should ensure that your website is attractive, focused on your products, and simple to read. Here are some design pointers for owners of single-product stores:

Optimize website for mobile 

Most customers began their product searches on a mobile device. Therefore, make sure your website is "responsive" to the majority of typical screen sizes.

Use the hero image/section

A hero image is a large website banner image that is placed in the header section of a website, usually close to the top. When a shopper lands on a page, they are immediately captivated by huge, massive pictures. These will assist users in quickly identifying the product with a one-product store. Ensure to include a call-to-action button to make the hero image interactive.

Wrapping up

By concentrating on just one product, you can highlight all the unique features that make it stand out. You can improve your marketing material, customer service, and product value, and establish yourself as an authority in the market you target when there are no distractions from a wide variety of products, like those found in general stores.

We hope the preceding effective examples might serve as an inspiration for you while you build your One Product Shopify business.