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About us

EComposer is an innovative page builder app that has been developed in 2021 by our 8-year eCom solution provider. We focus on providing the most seamless experience for Shopify merchants while creating their website. With EComposer, users can build any pages they want easily instead of spending time and money hiring freelancer developers.

We lead by example in using our own products and have complete confidence in their quality. This is why we used EComposer to develop the entire ecomposer.io website.
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“Over 8 years helping online merchants with our theme solutions, I realized that the customization demands of every single merchant are different. And a unique website not only attract customers, but also represent the owner's style & passion. They need a tool to make their idea come to life. 
That is when EComposer go into place. We build a product & service that make sure any individual, even codeless merchants can create their own web pages with ease, hence save a lot of time & cost to take off their businesses.”

Henry Pham

Co-Founder & CEO of EComposer

At EComposer, our team of dedicated programmers is committed to making it easier and more cost-effective for customers to create their online stores. We constantly strive to improve our products every day, and our goal is to provide a powerful and user-friendly page builder application that helps customers solve any problem in online website building without breaking the bank.

Daniel Truong

Co-Founder & CTO of EComposer


Why Choose Us ?

The page builder apps on the Shopify marketplace are all talented, this is a realchallenge for us but we are 
really excited to be your choice when looking for page builder apps.
  • Automatic Update

Everything at EComposer will be updated automatically with no action required. Layouts, extensions, sections will always be updated daily. However, after we update, you may need to reconfigure your layout and save it.
  • Blazing Performance

EComposer is designed and developed in the most optimal way, so it will not affect the speed of your website much. We continue to work on a daily basis for better performance. So don't hesitate and use EComposer to pursue your business growth plans.
  • SEO Friendly

On-Page SEO is an important criterion and the layouts are allocated html tags in compliance with SEO standards. When you publish a page, EComposer also allows you to change the thumbnail image, handle and name of the page.
  • Dedicated Support

We're always here when you need us, don't hesitate to let us know if you need any help. With the FREE plan, we usually reply after a few hours, with the higher plans, we will support you through the live chat system.

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