Blockshop Shopify Theme review: Features, Pros, Cons


Blockshop Shopify Theme review: Features, Pros, Cons

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In this article, we are reviewing the Blockshop Shopify theme, which many online shop owners like. Our review aims to explain what Blockshop is all about, focusing on how it looks, works, and is easy to use. 

Ecomposer is trying to help you decide if the Blockshop Shopify theme is the right fit for your online store. We cover everything from its appearance to how simple it is to customize. Whether you're starting fresh or thinking about changing your store's look, we hope this review helps you decide if the Blockshop theme is the way to go.

Overview of Shopify Theme Blockshop

Shopify Theme Blockshop

The Blockshop Theme for Shopify is a fresh mix of simplicity and elegance, focusing on easy-to-use features and attractive looks. Its user-friendly layout and lively color choices that evoke trust and authenticity make it a popular pick for online sellers looking to enhance their presence.

The homepage is a prime example of simple design, making products stand out against a clean white background. What stands out is the large, attention-grabbing slideshow that quickly catches visitors' eyes, along with well-balanced columns that create a sense of order.

Blockshop's versatility is impressive, making it suitable for all kinds of businesses, from small bakeries to luxury fashion brands.

Who Is Shopify Theme Blockshop for?

The Blockshop Theme Shopify is perfect for:

  • Start-Ups and Rapid Launch Businesses: If you're eager to start selling online quickly, Blockshop's simple setup makes it easy. Whether a new business or are switching to Shopify, Blockshop helps you get up and running fast.
  • Brands Focused on Visual Storytelling: If your business tells its story through visuals, Blockshop is great for you. Its design shows off images beautifully, letting you share your brand's story captivatingly. Features like Slideshow help you showcase your products or brand journey visually appealingly.
  • Fashion Accessory Retailers: Blockshop is a big help for businesses selling fashion accessories. Features like a Size Chart make it easier for customers to pick the right size, reducing returns due to size issues.
  • Foodservice Businesses: Blockshop's feature of showing Ingredients or Nutritional Information on the product page is a game-changer for food businesses. Being transparent about what's in your products boosts customer trust and confidence.
  • Health and Beauty Stores: Like food businesses, health and beauty stores benefit from Blockshop's ability to show ingredients or nutritional information. Giving customers detailed info about what they're buying makes them more confident.

4 Blockshop Theme Styles



Imagine the Deli style as your kitchen's artistic canvas, where food and design blend to create a visually stunning feast. This theme style is a charming mix of beautiful, lively, and energetic visuals, reflecting the lively atmosphere of a local deli or the natural charm of a farmers' market. Its visuals are vibrant, using bold and delicious colors to catch the eye and instantly engage visitors.

With the Deli style, your products are showcased in a tempting and mouth-watering way that truly captures the essence of the food industry. It brings the tangible and sensory experiences of fresh produce, baked goods, or gourmet treats into a digital format that's as captivating as it is effective. If you're in the food industry, the Deli theme style could be the secret ingredient that adds extra flavor to your online store's appeal.



Think of the Beauty style as a peaceful oasis in health and beauty. It paints a picture of soft pastel colors and clean white spaces, creating a simple and soothing atmosphere. Its minimalistic design puts your products in the spotlight, bringing a sense of harmony and calmness. The layout is simple and easy to use, so customers can easily find their way around. Great for health and beauty businesses, the Beauty theme style creates a calm and appealing atmosphere for your online store.



Picture the Summer theme style as a blend of modern coolness and classic style. It feels like strolling along a sunlit boardwalk, infusing your online shop with a fresh and energizing atmosphere. Its clean lines, vibrant images, and organized layout make it an ideal stage for showcasing fashion accessories. The clever design perfectly captures the essence of summer, giving your products a bright and modern appeal. As one of the best Shopify themes for fashion accessories, the Summer theme creates a digital catwalk for your trendsetting items.



Adorn style is an ample open space where your products can shine. It's all about giving your fashion accessories the spotlight they deserve. With its organized layout and plenty of room around the items, it has a clean, modern look that's perfect for the fashion world. Known as one of the best Shopify themes for fashion accessories, the Adorn style gives your fashion pieces a captivating stage to dazzle customers.

Key Features of the Shopify Theme Blockshop

Slide-out Cart

Slide-out Cart

For busy stores with lots of customers, time is precious. That's where the Slide-Out Cart feature comes in handy. It makes shopping faster and easier for your customers. When they add something to their cart, instead of going to a new page, the cart pops out from the side so they can check what they've picked without interrupting their browsing. It's a smooth way to handle many orders quickly without making the shopping experience less enjoyable.

Back-in-stock alert

Meeting customer demand can be challenging in popular industries like fashion, food, or health and beauty. That's where the Back-In-Stock Alert feature comes in. It's a valuable tool that tells your customers when a product they want is back in stock. This helps make customers happy and keeps them interested in your most popular items, making them more likely to return to your store.

Recently viewed

Have you ever had customers who needed to remember about a product they liked? The Recently Viewed feature is here to help. It keeps a list of items customers have looked at, so they can easily find them again. This makes shopping more accessible, especially for busy stores where customers look at many different things.

Size chart

Size chart

Fashion accessory and beauty brands often sell products that need sizing details. The "Size Chart" feature lets customers see size information on the product page without going elsewhere. This is helpful for businesses because it helps customers know what size to choose, which could mean fewer returns because of sizing problems.

Ingredients or nutritional description

Ingredients or nutritional description

For food businesses or those selling health and beauty products, it's essential to be clear about what's in your products. With Blockshop's Ingredients or Nutritional Information feature, you can give customers all the details they need on the product page. This builds trust and makes customers feel confident about buying because they're well-informed.


Nothing beats a carefully put-together slideshow to showcase your products captivatingly. It's a great way to highlight what's unique about your products, whether their features, different versions, or how they can be used. A lively slideshow can boost your brand's story and make shopping more fun, whether you're selling fashion accessories, food, or beauty products.

Where to purchase Shopify Theme Blockshop

If you're thinking about using the Shopify Blockshop Theme for your online store, you are searching for a Shopify Theme Store. Make sure that you need to have a Shopify account before. You can look at a preview of the theme to see how it might change and improve the look of your store.

One cool thing about the Shopify Blockshop Theme is its unlimited free trial. This means you can try it out for as long as you need to, experimenting with it and making it fit your store's needs just suitable.

Blockshop Theme’s Pros and Cons


Here are the main features of the Blockshop theme and why they're awesome:

  • Full-width banners: These big banners make your product pictures look amazing, grabbing customers' attention and giving them a cool visual experience. People who've used them say it makes their store look great.
  • Multi-column Menu: The menu with multiple columns makes it easy for customers to find what they want. It helps guide them smoothly through all the categories and sub-categories, making shopping a breeze.
  • Shop Slideshows: These slideshows are a fun way to showcase your products. They catch customers' eyes and interest, leading to more sales.
  • Block-like Sections: The theme's design uses blocks to organize information neatly. Users love how clear and easy it makes their sites to navigate, helping customers find what they need without any fuss.
  • Fast Browsing Data: Speed is essential online, and Blockshop is fast. It loads and processes data quickly, giving customers a smooth experience. People say this helps keep customers on their site longer and makes them more likely to buy something.
  • Four Different Style Themes: With four styles, you can make your site look just how you want it to. This lets you match your site's style to your brand and what your customers like.


Price: The Blockshop theme's higher price might put off some people, tiny businesses or startups with limited funds. It's pricier than many other themes, which some users think is a bit too much.

Blockshop theme user reviews, Support, and Resources

Blockshop has the potential to be a powerful tool for creating your ideal online store. But before you dive in, it's wise to explore what other users are saying, the kind of support available, and the resources at your disposal. 

User Reviews: Unveiling the Blockshop Experience

Outlaw Apparel: “I have only been using this theme for around a month so far, but I absolutely love it. The support that I have received has been the absolute best. There has yet to be anything that I needed or wanted that could not be done. Nick responded quickly, and I could not have asked for better service. I love the new look of my website and can not wait to see how much this improves my sales.” 

Dechoes Resale: “We have used this theme for our website for a few years. We have thought about switching themes, but we have never found one that we like more. It is easy to customize and make our own. It functions very well for what we need it for, and it is very stylish. We have even reached out to support before, and the issue was fixed promptly. All around, it is a great theme, and we recommend it.”

LeonDavid: “This is the first theme I purchased over two years ago. I recently updated the theme version and encountered some issues, mostly on mobile. I reached out to support, and they have been great! They responded quickly, and all issues were fixed. On top of that, the theme is easily customized to suit your brand's style. The template also has many different sections. Highly recommended!” 

Peachy Secret: “I love the upgrades to the Blockshop theme. When I needed assistance, I was in touch with Troop Themes support and received excellent help from George M. He made most of the requested adjustments and did so in record time. I highly recommend this theme for how easy it is to implement and because of the developers' support.”

Support: When You Need a Helping Hand

  • Marketplace Support: If you obtained Blockshop through a theme marketplace, its support system is a valuable resource. For assistance, consult its documentation, browse its support forums, or reach out to its support team directly.
  • Developer Resources: The Blockshop theme developer's website might provide a dedicated support section. This could include helpful resources like documentation, FAQs, or a contact form to ask the developer for help.


  • Official Documentation: Search the Blockshop theme Guide for any official guides or manuals offered by the developer. These will be a treasure trove of information on using the theme's features effectively.

Shopify Blockshop Theme Examples: Top 3 Online Stores Using the Blockshop Theme

1. Profusion Cosmetics

Profusion Cosmetics

Profusion Cosmetics is a beauty brand that nails the Beauty style of the Blockshop theme, creating a calm and stylish shopping experience perfect for the health and beauty world. Their big banner shows off many colorful makeup products, making you want to see more. They use the Slideshow feature to highlight all their products and special deals, making you feel you must check them out before they're gone.

2. Protein World

Protein World

Using Blockshop's Deli theme, Protein World's website tells a story with visuals, making the site lively and exciting for visitors. The theme's big banners and slideshows showcase products, deals, and health advice with bold pictures that immediately grab your attention.

The Blockshop theme's Ingredients and Nutritional Information feature is used well, providing precise product details right on the product pages. This helps customers know exactly what they're getting, builds trust, and helps them make smart choices for their health and fitness.

3. YRU Shoes

YRU Shoes

Another excellent use of the Blockshop theme is YRU Shoes' online store. This trendy shoe shop uses Blockshop's Summer style to create a modern yet classy look that appeals to its customers.

When you visit YRU Shoes' website, you see a nice big banner displaying their unique shoe collection. They use the Slideshow feature to show off their best products, newest arrivals, and special deals, getting visitors excited. They also use the Size Chart feature, giving customers important sizing info on the product pages, making it easier to decide what to buy.

Add custom sections to the Blockshop theme using EComposer

Boost your ability to customize your Blockshop theme by adding custom sections with the easy-to-use EComposer Page Builder

EComposer Page Builder

EComposer Landing Page Builder is a flexible solution that allows businesses to generate pages and sections with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor quickly. This tool simplifies customization for landing pages, collections, products, and other elements, eliminating the necessity for multiple external applications.

Equipped with optimized speed features, it emphasizes store performance and offers ongoing live chat assistance. Recognized for its robust customization features, EComposer presents a user-friendly interface, distinctive functionalities, and responsive device performance. Its updated templates and outstanding customer support render it an indispensable tool for creating captivating online experiences.

Alternatives to Blockshop theme

1. Kalles


Regarding adaptability and design, Kalles is a leader among Shopify themes. With over fifteen specialized demos, Kalles provides a wide range of impressive features and visually appealing options to match any brand's look. Whether you're just starting out or have been in business for years, Kalles offers an ideal platform for presenting your products and services with style. 

(Image source: The4)


  • Versatile Product Layouts: Choose from various layout options to customize how your merchandise is presented, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your brand's identity and customer preferences.
  • Showstopping Lookbook: With Kalles' lookbook feature, you can curate visually captivating product collections, showcasing items in real-life settings or styled ensembles to inspire customers and boost sales.
  • Modern, Clean, and Multi-Purpose Design: Kalles' sleek aesthetic appeals to contemporary consumers across various industries, providing a stylish backdrop for your products to shine.
  • Smart Filter: Kalles' intuitive filtering system simplifies customers' browsing experience, enabling them to quickly find desired items based on criteria like price, size, and color.
  • Animation Effect: Elevate your storefront's visual appeal with dynamic animation effects, capturing visitors' attention and guiding them through shopping.
  • Multiple Page Styles: Choose from various aesthetically pleasing and functional templates for different pages, ensuring every aspect of your website reflects your brand's goals.
  • Social Sharing Features: Foster engagement and increase brand visibility by enabling customers to share their favorite products on social media platforms easily.
  • Quick View: Enhance the shopping experience with Kalles' quick view feature, allowing customers to preview product details and make informed purchase decisions without leaving the current page.

Price: $89

Try Kalles

Read more: Kalles Shopify Theme Review: Features, Pros, Cons & Ratings



Ecomus is a versatile Shopify theme with many outstanding features and eye-catching styles, making it a top choice for businesses across various industries. With a collection of purpose-built demonstrations, Ecomus caters to diverse products and niches, showcasing responsive design principles that seamlessly adapt to different screen sizes. 

Whether your business focuses on fashion, electronics, outdoor gear, or any other niche, Ecomus provides a flexible and adaptable platform to meet your needs.


  • Various Product Layouts & Styles: Ecomus offers a diverse range of product layout options and styles, allowing you to showcase your merchandise visually in appealing and engaging ways. Whether you prefer grid layouts, list views, or carousel sliders, Ecomus provides the flexibility to customize product presentations to align with your brand's identity.
  • Animation Effects: Enhance the visual appeal of your online store with Ecomus' animation effects, adding flair and interactivity to captivate visitors and guide them through the shopping experience.
  • Inactive Tab: Improve user experience and navigation with Ecomus' inactive tab feature, making it easy for users to distinguish between active and inactive tabs, thus reducing confusion and enhancing usability.
  • Auto Image Optimization: Ensure fast loading times and optimal performance with Ecomus' auto image optimization feature. This feature automatically optimizes images for web usage, reducing file sizes without compromising quality and enhancing customers' overall browsing experience.
  • Lookbook: Drive inspiration and sales with Ecomus' lookbook feature, creating visually stunning collections of products styled in real-life settings to provide shoppers with ideas and inspiration for their purchases.
  • High-converting Cart Page: Maximize conversions and minimize cart abandonment with Ecomus' high-converting cart page, designed to streamline the checkout process and make it easy for customers to review their selections, apply discount codes, and complete their purchases seamlessly.

Price: $69

Try Ecomus


Does the Blockshop theme integrate well with popular Shopify apps?

Blockshop is built with Shopify's app store in mind. Most popular apps should integrate smoothly, but checking compatibility with the developer before purchasing is always a good idea.

Are there any Blockshop theme-specific apps available?

Some theme developers might offer additional apps or plugins designed to work specifically with their theme, adding extended functionality. Check the theme's documentation or the developer's website for details.

Is Blockshop theme Shopify worth the price?

Whether Blockshop is worth the price depends on your specific needs and budget. Consider the features you require, the ease of use, and the level of customization you desire. If you value a clean aesthetic, ease of use, and good mobile responsiveness, Blockshop can be a worthwhile investment.

How much coding knowledge do I need to customize the Blockshop theme Shopify?

Coding knowledge is optional for basic customization. Blockshop offers a visual interface for editing layouts and styles. However, advanced customization might require familiarity with Shopify's templating language (Liquid).


In summary, the Blockshop Shopify theme is an appealing option for businesses aiming to build a visually pleasing and practical online presence. Its blend of style and practicality makes it attractive for many. However, the decision ultimately rests with you.

With EComposer, users can effortlessly design and personalize their storefronts, adding unique sections and elements to showcase their products and brand identity.

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