EComposer x Transcy Integration: Translating your pages effortlessly


EComposer x Transcy Integration: Translating your pages effortlessly - EComposer Visual Page Builder

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Great news!

Recently, our EComposer has teamed up with Transcy AI-Language Translate successfully. This collaboration aims to give EComposer and Transcy users the best Shopify page-building plus translating experiences that are entirely compatible with each other.

Through this blog, we would love to present our integration case along with your benefits via this case.

Stay tuned!

About Transcy

Transcy of Onecommerce is a dynamic Shopify app designed to break language barriers and expand your business worldwide effortlessly. With its powerful translation tools and real-time currency conversion, Transcy empowers you to provide a seamless shopping experience for customers in their preferred language and currency.

Highlighted Features:

- Automatically translate languages and offer real-time multi-currency conversion.

- Utilize unlimited AI-driven word translations.

- Improve user connections through language-specific image displays.

- Select manual, AI, or Expert-based local language translation.

- Customize switches for language and currency with geolocation-based Auto-detect.

Contact information:


Email: [email protected]  

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About EComposer 

EComposer Landing Page Builder EComposer Landing Page Builder is a cutting-edge solution for Shopify merchants, offering a toolkit to create captivating pages effortlessly. 

With stunning layouts for diverse page types like landings, homepages, products, and collections, EComposer makes your store stand out. Plus, the drag-and-drop editor eliminates coding, serving beginners and experts. EComposer also includes built-in extensions and seamless integrations with top Shopify apps for cost-effective, time-saving, high-converting pages.

Highlighted Features:

- 400+ page and section layouts for all page types to create your store’s standout online presence.

- User-intuitive editor that eases to use and change, preview instantly.

- Seamless Integrations with top Shopify app compatibility to enhance functionality.

- Countless elements and add-ons that replace 20+ apps.

- Innovative tools for higher store design productivity such as Page Analytics, Global Blocks, AI Content Generator, Lazy load, etc.

You can try EComposer free today and explore more!

Contact information:


Email: [email protected]

Check the Shopify app portfolio

Integration case

Understanding the importance of improving end-customers' shopping experience, EComposer and Transcy come to an official integration that can make you “WOW”.

In particular, the Transcy AI-Language Translate extension is developed to provide EComposer merchants with a new method to translate their pages into multiple languages quickly and efficiently. 

So how does it work?

We've made EComposer and Transcy compatible automatically under the codes. You just need to install two apps, and Transcy will auto-translate EComposer pages without manual connection & settings. 

See the detailed guide here 

With no technical skills required, your customers worldwide can convert your page’s languages as they want fast and efficiently. Approaching and satisfying all customers around the world now is much easier.

Looking forward to our new projects

As the eCommerce landscape expands, the need to transcend language barriers and cater to a diverse global audience becomes paramount. 

We all hope the EComposer x Transcy AI-Language Translate Integration will redefine your online store's reach and impact your multinational customers.

Follow up to get updated information about the upcoming partnerships between us. 


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