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Greetings everyone! 

We are thrilled to have you back for another EComposer Product Updates series installment. 

EComposer proudly presents version 1.8 this July with fantastic updates and enhancements. 

Curious to know what they entail? This article will unveil all the exciting news, ensuring you get all the significant details!

Customize Shopping Cart Page

Do you know that over 70% of average people churn out their carts without purchasing? The biggest reason for this matter is the poor shopping cart page.

So say goodbye to the clunky cart page.

The EComposer Shopify Cart page is officially released, packed with all the necessary functions for a high-converting Cart Page. You can start creating a professional cart page with ease using this app. 

Check out the entire guideline here.

Remember that the EComposer Cart page function is available in the EComposer Pro and Premium plans. Tap to upgrade here.

18+ New EComposer templates

Supporting all merchants in building their pages without wasting much time and effort is the biggest aim of our EComposer team. 

That’s why in this EComposer version 1.8, we thrived on unveiling 18+ brand new templates to assist you in creating dynamic eCommerce pages, including Landing, Home, Product, Collection, and Shopping cart pages. They’re all meticulously crafted, UXUI and device-responsiveness optimized, bound to captivate your audience. 

Go to the EComposer templates library, choose the Newest Collection right now, and experiment with visual layouts for your pages.

EComposer New Features and Elements

EComposer Image Focal Points

New enhancement for imagery elements: Image's Focal Point!

With the EComposer Image Focal Point, you can effortlessly define the most crucial aspect of your images, making them the center of attention, regardless of how the photo crops or adjusts the layout. 

This intuitive tool lets you seamlessly adapt your images to various viewing environments, ensuring a captivating and seamless user experience. 

The EComposer Focal Points function works on various elements, such as the Image, Banner, Hotspot, and Slider.

EComposer Progress Element

On this EComposer version 1.8, we are delighted to introduce EComposer's remarkable Progress element, a powerful tool designed to elevate your website's impact and user engagement. 

The Progress Pie (or Progress) element in EComposer enables merchants to display the percentage of relevant selling information they want to convey to new visitors. 

You can use this versatile element to showcase your product availability in various countries, the proportion of product materials used, and so on, then enhance your website's overall user experience significantly.

The EComposer Progress element promises to make presenting crucial selling data effortless and visually compelling. Check out our full guidelines for this element here.

Product Labels/ Sale Badge

One of the most potent visual elements to boost conversions on your Shopify store is product labels. By artfully capturing shoppers' interests without intrusion, these labels compel them to pause, click through, and discover products they genuinely desire to purchase. 

A perk for your sale-boosting product page builder process.

The EComposer team has developed the new badge section for the product image element. 

Using EComposer Product Image’s Badge feature, you can now effortlessly inform shoppers about fast-selling products, appealing options, ongoing sales, and other essential details without sending marketing messages.

We have detailed guidelines to assist you with using this function fast and efficiently here. 

New App Integrations

To provide smooth and seamless online-store-building solutions compatible with EComposer, then enhance your whole store performance, EComposer is honored to team up with numerous Shopify partners worldwide. 

Scroll and explore the delighted integrations on this EComposer version 1.8 waiting for you.

Referral Candy x EComposer: Unlocking Powerful Referral Marketing

To start a referral program for your online store, pick the best referral app. But Is that app compatible with EComposer or not?

Exciting news for Ecommerce merchants! EComposer has officially collaborated with Referral Candy to provide a seamless integration that enables merchants to show referral sign-up forms on any EComposer page. 

This partnership combines EComposer's intuitive product page builder with Referral Candy's powerful referral marketing tools, allowing merchants to utilize the power of referrals and accelerate their clients' acquisition efforts.

To understand more profoundly what benefits you can earn from this integration, reach out to this blog.

Hulk Product Options x EComposer: Unleash Dynamic Product customization

Another great news for all merchants! 

EComposer also teamed up with Hulk Product Options, offering a seamless integration that enables incorporating diverse product options into EComposer product pages. 

Through this integration, merchants can now enhance the customization experience for their customers, leading to increased sales and elevated success.

Explore this page to learn more about the benefits of this integration.

EComposer x Flashsearch: Empowering Shopify Merchants with an Advanced Search Element


Our teams recognized the value of combining the powerful features of EComposer and FlashSearch to offer our merchants an unparalleled experience. 

The integration allows you to effortlessly add the "Search" element to any page you create using EComposer. 

Now, you can equip your store with a sleek, customizable search bar that blends seamlessly with your store's design and layout.

EComposer x Seal Subscriptions: Level up Subscription Experience

ECommerce merchants rejoice! EComposer and Seal Subscriptions have joined forces, offering seamless integration for subscription options on product pages. Elevate your customer experience and boost recurring sales with this powerful collaboration.

Click to explore the detailed benefits you can earn from this integration.

Other Collaborations

Besides the cool integrations above, we've partnered with Fordeer to bring you Fordeer Invoice Order Printer – a professional Shopify app for seamless order fulfillment which will help you simplify your order management. 

Other Improvements

In addition to introducing new functions and features, the EComposer team diligently focuses on resolving issues and bugs in every version, aiming to deliver a smooth and seamless page-building experience to all merchants. 

Let's explore the advancements made in EComposer v1.8 compared to previous iterations.

- EComposer Ajax Cart with Better Mobile Responsive.

- Advanced Slider with autoplay mode and more transaction options.

- Along with many improvements in the “Ask A Question”, “Age Verification”, and “Table of Content” extensions, and fixed mini bugs.

To view a comprehensive compilation of updates driven by requests from the EComposer community, you can refer to the EComposer changelog.

Stay excited for upcoming updates!

That's all the news we wanted to share in this EComposer Product Updates article. 

We're dedicated to listening to your feedback and considering your feature requests daily. 

If you have any ideas to make EComposer even better, feel free to submit them here.

Thank you for scrolling through; you've truly made our day! We're excited to see you again in our next update announcement.


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