EComposer Pricing Updates 2024


EComposer Pricing Updates 2024

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Hi our beloved customers,

This is Rainy, Head of Growth at EComposer. We’ve gone through a journey of nearly 2 years – not very long, but enough to leave a profound impact on the work of every EComposer team member and, especially, our beloved customers who have trusted and used our app to build their Shopify dreams.

Over the years, EComposer has been continuously improved and completed with daily updates. Until now, we’ve been happy to help 30k active merchants with their business journey, especially in making their dream store. Your feedback and contribution make us better today. 

After careful deliberation, we are excited to announce upcoming changes to our pricing plans, set to be implemented on April 15, 2024. The Free plan remains available yet with some changes, and details of the new pricing plans can be found here. 

Why do we introduce new EComposer pricing? 

Better values offered

Since last update on pricing at Feb 2023, EComposer has evolved significantly, providing new users with a more robust, comprehensive, and stable page builder tool. 

Let's highlight the substantial features and values incorporated into EComposer over the last 12 months:

EComposer Product Updates: Feb 2023 - Mar 2024

Despite all the changes, our prices remain competitive, ensuring the best return on your investment.

Significant resources to maintain Free plan

Before April 15, 2024, our Free plan is still offering 3 live pages/templates - which we believed has helped many merchants at the begin of their online business.

However, it requires more & more evolved resources as we continuously update products, introduce new features, leverage cutting-edge technology, and provide 24/7 chat support.  Hence, in order to maintain product values and support quality for all merchants as we grow, we decide to keep Free plan with 1 live page/section only. But great news is that Free users now can experience almost every functions of EComposer.

More affordable for high page quantity demand

We’ve got many feedback from users that they prefer the Unlimited pages plan to be more affordable and accessible for their budget. Hence, we decided to make a significant adjustment to the Premium price from $149/month to $99/month only. We believe that this is the best price you can beat for the values received. 

What changes & when it takes effect?

The new EComposer pricing still offers 4 main plans: Free, Standard, Pro, and Premium. See new pricing details here.

Below highlight the main changes:

- Free plan: allow merchants to live one page/template/section on EComposer (which is 3 slots before). Great news, Free users will be able to access Footer and Section Builder, plus all VIP templates & element presets - which is only in Paid plan before. 

- Standard plan ($19): still allow merchants to live 15 pages/templates. Other functions stay same. However, some advanced extensions are not available any more on this plan. 
- Pro plan ($39): still offer 50 live slots and full functions of the app. Pro plan is considered the best-value plan since it offer access to all current & future advanced functions of EComposer.

- Premium plan ($99): unlimited everything, much more affordable, highest potentials. 

- [New] Unlimited Blog Package ($39): Based on demands of our users, EComposer introduces the new monthly package for unlimited blog posts - created and customizable using EComposer editor.

The new pricing will take effect on April 15, 2024.

We hope putting these changes clearly and beforehand will help our current users make the right decision for your store. 

How does the new pricing impact EComposer current users? 

We strive to avoid any unwelcome surprises for our users. 

  • For existing free and paying users, the new pricing will not affect your current plan unless you decide to change the plan or reinstall EComposer from April 15, 2024.
  • For Theme partner users (see all theme partners here), you can continue to enjoy your initial EComposer partner plan, unaffected by the new pricing unless you choose to change the plan or reinstall the app. New users from April 15, 2024, will be subject to the new pricing plans.

For any questions related to the new pricing, feel free to chat with our support team in the app or contact us at [email protected].

Upcoming feature reveals

Search Result Page 

With our upcoming enhanced Search Result Pages, you can customize your own search page to supercharge store's performance. With the ability to fine-tune layouts, incorporate captivating visuals, and guide customers with intuitive filters, you'll create an immersive journey that nudges visitors towards purchases. Stay tuned for this game-changing feature, designed to empower you to unlock the full potential of your eCommerce success!

Zoom your page to see a whole picture or every details

With our upcoming feature for page editor, you can effortlessly zoom in and out of your page. Use your mouse or trackpad to see the whole picture or focus on every detail while editing. With ease, you can ensure your page looks stunning and consistent from top to bottom. Upgrade your editing experience today!


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